Quick thoughts: Ink-quisition

Things people like to ask when they find out you’ve recently acquired a rib tattoo:

Did it hurt?
Nah, walk in the park. Provided your walks in the park include tiny needles piercing your skin in a highly sensitive area over and over.

Can I touch it?
Can you touch my still-healing skin that is currently very prone to infections, which could ruin the piece? Sure, go nuts. You can pay for my touch ups.

What is it going to look like when you’re old?
Pretty sure it will continue to look like a tattoo. And I’ll look like a cool-ass old lady.

Don’t you already have like, a bunch of tattoos? 
If by “a bunch,” you mean five, then sure, I have a bunch. Maybe someday I’ll add a few more to make it a bundle.

So what are you supposed to do with them for your wedding photos??
You mean for my nonexistent wedding? I think I’m fine. If I’m ever so lucky in the future? Can’t wait to have them photographed professionally.

But what about everyone else’s wedding photos??
Cover with clothes or makeup, do nothing, show them off: I will do whatever the bride/groom want, like anyone does. Plus if people are more concerned with a guest’s tattoos than the bride and groom, that says more about your wedding than my ink.

What does the new one mean?
That I’m not afraid of needles.

But seriously, what does it mean?
That I’m seriously not afraid of needles.

How much did it cost?
Four hours of my life and a reevaluation of my pain threshold.

I didn’t even know people could do that in a tattoo!!
Me either. My artist is basically a genius. It’s why I waited 4 months for the piece from him.

So you’re basically going to live in crop tops now?
Let’s be real, I’ve been doing that for months.