To-dos: Week of June 13

Things that are happening this week:

  • Big decisions to be made
  • Florence and the Machine concert in Brooklyn with A and friends.
  • Teaching in Chelsea
  • Packing for San Francisco
  • Going to San Francisco
  • Working in San Francisco
  • Exploring San Francisco
  • Traveling back to New York
  • Sleeping forever.

Things that are not happening this week:

  • Sleeping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning my apartment
  • Blogging.

Things on hold till next week, hopefully:

  • Grocery shopping so I stop justifying $10 smoothies twice daily.
  • Cleaning my apartment because really, it’s just getting gross.
  • Sleeping in my own bed because I can count the nights I’ve done that since April on one hand.
  • Blogging, because I miss it.


Till next week, everyone!