I wear leggings as pants (and other things I’m not ashamed of)

The most difficult decision I had to make last week was whether I could wear leggings to the new job. I’ve done it at my previous jobs, but both of my start dates were in early fall/pre-leggings weather, so I could feel out the dress code a bit before diving in with these comfy SOBs. But starting a new job smack dab in the middle of nothing-else-fits-in-snow-boots weather means I had to make a decision: chance it, or wait till next week?

Leggings as pants is largely considered a fashion “don’t,” for reasons I can’t understand. Okay, they’re not appropriate in all situations, and there will always be people who wear them in uncomfortably small sizes, but I practically live in them from December to March. Leggings are easy, warm, I can wear them to work, then out, then sleeping and do you KNOW how much you can comfortably eat in these things? It’s a lot. Can’t do that in jeans. I could apologize, or make excuses for why I’m in leggings, or try to do anything else to apologize for my fashion choice, but honestly? I’m not sorry. Consider me a fashion PLD, because I’m never going to stop.

In the end, I decided to wear what I felt was right given my 3-day experience at this new place. This internal debate did start gears turning in my head though, and I started thinking about everything else I’ve stopped apologizing for lately. Since I’m on a roll with lists lately, let’s keep it going! Find out what else I’ve stopped saying “SORRY” for after the jump.

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