Come. On.



It’s happening.


It’s happening again.


The shower from hell is back.


Just in case anyone thought I was kidding when I said my shower rains dirt from the ceiling. Because I’m not kidding. And it’s terrible. Omfg. Do you know what it’s like to have to clean your bathroom LITERALLY EVERY TIME BEFORE SHOWERING. I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s like looking at your feet after walking around the city in flip-flops all day. It’s always grosser than¬†you’re planning for and getting it completely¬†clean takes so much longer than you’re expecting. Allegedly, my building manager is sending a contractor this Friday to fix the problem with more than just caulk and a prayer, as my super has been doing for the past two years. Allegedly.

This is a pretty useless post but I need to immortalize the dirt-raining shower in the extreme hope that this will be the last time I can complain about it ever. There’s a good chance I’ll be live-tweeting the whole process this Friday, so if you don’t follow me yet (@LBthe20whatev), #showergate2014 is going to be a good time to start. Hoping everyone is having a much better (and cleaner) week than I am!