Initials can be a confusing world, but since I’m not putting my own name on this blog, I figured I have to afford the same courtesy to my friends. There are so many people that come and go from our lives in such short periods of time, but the ones below are the ones who make my story complete.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to for my impossibly wonderful posse:

  • M: Beyond best friend ever, and always. Used to live two blocks away until I crashed her apartment too much so she moved to Vietnam.
  • N: M’s husband. I used to sister-wife their relationship due to constant apartment crashing so he found a job in Vietnam.
  • C: Definition of fashion #goals and all-around stellar human.
  • D&D: Older brother and almost sister-in-law. Their initials are interchangeable because I love them equally.
  • T: Twin sister, or Twinster. We text a lot and sometimes I screenshot and post them.
  • S: Former coworker and always friend.
  • K: Another former coworker. She let me wear sequin pants to her wedding and I will forever be grateful that I had an excuse to buy them.
  • E: Basically my soul sister, causing trouble since 2006
  • G: A soul sister AND a ‘real’ sister (#sorority), causing trouble annually since she moved to Texas and now I don’t get to bother her as often.
  • R: My one-time partner-in-crime and the better half of Peaches and Jumpsuit
  • H: R’s husband. He speaks with an accent that I’m really good at imitating when I’m drunk.
  • Little Miss: Cat. Exceptionally rude but very cute. Hates humans, except me. Also hates me.

2 thoughts on “Initials

  1. This is an adorable way to preserve anonymity! I just followed, did some exploring on your page, and I look forward to reading more from you. I’m planning on moving to New York City after I graduate and I’m using WordPress as a way to not only connect with bloggers who have already made that journey but also as a way to chronicle my own adventures. Thank you for sharing your experiences and PLDs (everyone makes them once in a while)! Anyway, good luck with everything!

    – Shawna

    • Thank you kindly! Looking forward to reading your posts as well – and don’t worry. If you’re ever afraid you’ve done something really stupid in the city, just come back here and know I’ve done them first and probably worse.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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