Who are you?

Hi. I’m LB.

Things you will frequently see discussed on this blog: Yoga. New York City living. Healthy Living. Red wine. Washington Heights. Rude cats (but only mine). Weekend exploits. Poor decisions.

Being an adult is hard. Like, really hard. It’s taken me near seven years, six former jobs and two current that are NOTHING alike, thousands of ill-spent dollars and two (and a half) really tough break-ups to figure all that out. When I moved to NYC in 2010, fresh out of college and full of dreams, I thought I’d have it all figured out in a few months. Now? Honestly it’s a pretty successful day if I’ve managed to put on real pants.

As this space has grown with me, so has the tone and the content. What started as a way to catalog all the stupid things I did while drunk has turned into a catalog of all the stupid things I do while drunk plus snippets of my days as a yogi, hippie nonsense about the planetary movements and good vibes, what it’s like to fall in love with someone who understands you better than you understand yourself, what happens when that ends and other stories about how to make it through this crazy thing we call life. It gets introspective and it gets silly and sometimes it gets ramble-y, but then again, those are some pretty okay ways to define me.

And who knows? Maybe one day this will evolve again to talk about my life as an actual grown-up, if I ever become one. In the meantime? TEQUILA SHOTS!

Welcome to the Chronicle.

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