Summer Updates

Hello lovely readers!

I have a million and one things happening in life right now, from new jobs to planning the Norway vacation to planning a girls weekend at the end of the month, and in between all of that I’m still teaching yoga and trying to enjoy summer. Oddly, I have a million things happening all around me right now, but I’m not inspired to write. I’m just not. I wish I were but I can’t think of what to put down that’s interesting. So many things are changing right now that nothing feels permanent enough to put down here, and yet the constant shift of motion in my life is the reason I started the Chronicle in the first place.

All that to say, I’m going to take hiatus of sorts for the summer. I’ll still be posting, but think more “Friendly Conversations” and “Draft Series” and maybe a new series with excerpts from the journals I’ve been keeping for nearly 10 years. Maybe I’m not doing anything to inspiring right now, but believe me, summer 2010 is a gold mine of absurd ramblings of a 21-year-old unemployed college graduate. Maybe I’ll put up content, maybe I won’t. I’m trying not to hold myself to a schedule this summer, and trying even to come up with a post every week has been a challenge.

So stay tuned and check back here still for new content! I promise the Chronicle isn’t going away. It’s just taking a summer vacation, like the rest of us are as well.

With love,



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