Thursday Night: A Review

6:02pm: Check in with my boss at the end of the day and start to pack up. Stare at the large and cumbersome bag of clothes from spending the previous night in Queens and decide to leave the clothes in the office for the night, since it’s just my dress from the day before and I don’t need anything in there till the next day anyway.

6:11pm: Leave the office. Thrilled to be out on time for a night to hang out with my YTT BFF working on her first class and sipping chilled wine in the summer air.

6:24pm: Meet YTT BFF on the same corner we spent so many weeks in leggings and hug for days. God I miss that energy sometimes, a room full of yogis practicing and learning and just being together. We walk to the A train catching up about everything till we’re back in the Heights, the commute we took together the first night that led to this amazing friendship.

7:44pm: We exit the subway one stop early and walk by the George Washington Bridge as the sun is setting; it’s still humid and hot and I’m really wishing I’d changed into my spare yoga clothes because a strapless bra is awful when it isn’t sweaty and gross outside.

7:50pm: I go to change into my yoga clothes at YTT BFF’s apartment and come to the terrible realization that in leaving my bag of clothes at the office I also left my FREAKING KEYS WITH IT.

7:51pm: I have a flashback to that morning as I was getting dressed where I saw my keys and thought “I should really put those in my purse.”


7:55pm: YTT BFF and I leave to go 3 stops down on the subway to 145th, where there is a Key Me kiosk. I thank all the things that I’ve used this kiosk before.

8:01pm: New key secured. I triumphantly send a Snapchat about how awesome I am and how my night was NOT ruined.

8:35pm: Make it home. Wait outside for someone to let me in the front door so I can go pack for the weekend at Twinster’s with A.

8:41pm: Make it inside and climb my 5 flights. God I can’t wait to take this freaking bra off.


8:45pm: Still sitting outside my door contemplating crying or laughing or also crying.

8:47pm: Reluctantly hop into a cab to the Upper East Side to get my spare keys from D&D. Super tired and hungry and cranky.

8:48pm: Cab driver attempts to engage in friendly conversation and I pretend not to hear him.

9:04pm: Texting C from the cab. She becomes my LORD GODDESS AND SAVIOR by informing me Uber is half price all weekend in NYC. This is my third cab of the day so the news is *slightly* welcome.

9:17pm: Arrive at D&Ds. Walk in to two pups who are beside themselves happy to see me and plop on the floor to hang out with two of my favorite people. Snuggle with the pitbull and realize maybe everything’s okay.

9:34pm: Uber home. My driver used to live literally around the corner from my apartment so we trade stories about Washington Heights. He recently moved and misses it so much. I tell him about M&N and realize this time next year it could be me too.

9:55pm: Walk the five flights of stairs and even though I know they’re going to work I am PRAYING these keys don’t let me down.

9:57pm: The keys work. THE KEYS WORK!!!

9:59pm: The Uber was less than $10. C is officially my actual savior.

10:01pm: Text A the whole story. We laugh and plan our road trip the next day. I can’t wait for a weekend with him and Twinster and maybe some bonus time with my nephews too.

10:04pm: I go to grab an apple and find beer in my fridge. Realize it’s bedtime buuuuut….

10:07pm: Take a sip of a beer that was well-deserved by doing not a damn thing and settle in a few episodes of Sunny on Netflix before bedtime beckons.

10:11pm: Realize I’m missing the most important part of my day and forcibly remove my bra. God, it’s good to be home.

Moral of the story: don’t be an idiot. Happy long weekend, everyone!!


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