Draft Series: Retreat

Original draft: January 3, 2016


STORY – december to feb.

The plan was always that at that point, I was going to retreat. January was always going to be the month of Whole30, and three weeks into the month I would be disappearing until March for teacher training, so the plan was always to step back. I saw it as a few introspective months alone, learning and studying, and planning for the rest of the year.

(Connect this back to retreating from a plan? e.g. have a set plan to disappear and retreat completely into myself until July, but then there was A [if he’s still around] and I had to reevaluate, etc. [reminder: don’t intro A unless it’s offish!!])

I’m retreating back from a lot of things lately, I think. But one of the most significant is I’m retreating from the stronghold I’ve built around myself in the past 12 months to test the waters of opening up, just a little.


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