Quick Thoughts: FOOD WEEK!

In chronological order, the following amazing, food-related milestones are going down in my week:

  1. Tomorrow is DAY 30 of my second Whole30!! I’m sure at some point I’ll write about the final ‘results’ – let’s say it’s been a very interesting month, in ways I did not expect – but for now, I’m laser-focused on the wine I’ll be drinking the second I’m out of the office on Wednesday.
  2. Thursday is my first-ever Thanksgiving in New York City! Mama and Papa B will be joining D&D&me for a day where we’re going to watch the balloons, and drink more wine, eat delicious food and generally enjoy each other’s company. This is the first Thanksgiving since 1980 that Mama B hasn’t cooked a turkey for the family, so it’s quite fitting we’re all spending the day together in NYC, especially given my plans for next year.
  3. FRIDAY IS M AND N’S WEDDING WEEKEND I will be eating all the Southern food and drinking in the celebration and the love (and the wine) like I’ve been starved for all of those for weeks.

All this to say, no entries this week through some of next. When your real life has so many incredible, wonderful, amazing events coming up, there’s no time to reflect on your own inner monologue. No, I’ll save all that good reminiscing for next week, after things have settled and the real fun of planning for 2016 has begun.

Until next week then people! To those celebrating, enjoy your turkey or tofurkey or turducken and inevitable food coma this week. This note is my way to share all my thanks for readers, for this blog, for my friends and family, my health, my yoga – my word, there are so many things to be thankful for this year! 2015 has been so much more than I could have imagined, and it surprises me with smiles at every turn. I hope reading this note you know I’m sharing all of those good vibes with you and yours as well.

With gratitude, thanks, and love: SHANTI & NAMASTE!



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