ANNOUNCING: The Draft Series

My GOODNESS life is getting busy around these chronicle parts. It’s making it quite difficult to keep up with posting full entries, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed by my rambling entries that are usually in need of a good proofing. It got me thinking, as I’m staring down the barrel of the busiest of all my months in 2015, how I was possibly going to keep up with this blog, while keeping track of my life, and maybe somewhere in there trying to sleep, too.

Something I’ve done since starting this blog is to capture absolutely everything into a draft as soon as inspiration strikes, be it a photo, a quote, a headline; sometimes I hear a song lyric, or I have a thought pop into my head that I think could turn into something someday. Sometimes it’s the ending of a post, or the beginning and the end, and on occasion it’s been a single word that I feel the need to write down, knowing it may turn into a sentence and possibly a paragraph from there. Now that we’re coming up on two years of the blog, this type of haphazard drafting means I have 30+ drafts just sitting, waiting to be full entries or at this point, just waiting.

Rather than try to overwork my brain any more than it’s already overworked this month, I’m going to take a little time off from a full blogging schedule and put up what I’m calling…. the Draft Series! I’ll still include a new entry here and there, based on time and inspiration, but I think it would be fun for you, as my loyal readers, to see my process, see what inspires me and see how posts come together. Plus I really need to thin out my drafts folder before it starts getting completely out of hand, like this is already a little difficult to navigate.

So look for posts this month with the title “Draft Series.” Some of them may have actual titles, some may not. Some are a half sentence, some are full paragraphs, some are photos and some are nearly full entries that I never found the inspiration or courage to complete and post. Sometimes there are notes to myself like “Insert intro” or “make this sound better” and sometimes the posts trail off completely, likely interrupted by arriving at my subway stop. So I can’t promise they’ll make sense, or that you’ll even enjoy them.

But I do hope you’ll be able to see me in all of the words, be they many or few. And I hope the Draft Series are something you enjoy.

XOXO, lovely readers:


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