I wear leggings as pants (and other things I’m not ashamed of)

The most difficult decision I had to make last week was whether I could wear leggings to the new job. I’ve done it at my previous jobs, but both of my start dates were in early fall/pre-leggings weather, so I could feel out the dress code a bit before diving in with these comfy SOBs. But starting a new job smack dab in the middle of nothing-else-fits-in-snow-boots weather means I had to make a decision: chance it, or wait till next week?

Leggings as pants is largely considered a fashion “don’t,” for reasons I can’t understand. Okay, they’re not appropriate in all situations, and there will always be people who wear them in uncomfortably small sizes, but I practically live in them from December to March. Leggings are easy, warm, I can wear them to work, then out, then sleeping and do you KNOW how much you can comfortably eat in these things? It’s a lot. Can’t do that in jeans. I could apologize, or make excuses for why I’m in leggings, or try to do anything else to apologize for my fashion choice, but honestly? I’m not sorry. Consider me a fashion PLD, because I’m never going to stop.

In the end, I decided to wear what I felt was right given my 3-day experience at this new place. This internal debate did start gears turning in my head though, and I started thinking about everything else I’ve stopped apologizing for lately. Since I’m on a roll with lists lately, let’s keep it going! Find out what else I’ve stopped saying “SORRY” for after the jump.

Taylor Swift

I unabashedly and unapologetically love Taylor Swift. I love her music, I love her voice, and pretty much I love everything about her. Having a bad day? Listen to some T.Swift. Having a good day? Celebrate with Swifty. I think her songs are catchy, her lyrics are easily relatable and girl has style. Hate on, haters.

Sending Laundry Out

Want to know what’s great about New York? Drop-off laundry service is pretty much everywhere. Could I take a few hours out of my weekend to sit in a dirty laundry mat, hoarding quarters and dryer sheets, and then fold my own clothes? Sure. Am I going to? NOPE. Not when I can drop off a bag of dirty socks and coffee-stained pants in the morning and pick up perfectly laundered and folded clothing that same evening. Call me spoiled, lazy, I could care less. I’ll pay extra in missing socks to have someone else handle that for me.

Bad-Day Wine Nights

Wine is pretty much my most important relationship right now. It’s been there for me through a lot, and there is nothing like living in a place where you’re surrounded by on-call designated drivers. While I love a good glass in a restaurant, there’s also something to be said about a night to yourself, in sweatpants, sans bra, enjoying a date night with your best friend Merlot. I’ve definitely taken down a bottle by myself on a particularly bad night, or even on a particularly good night, and I’m not apologizing. Sometimes you just need to get a little (or a lot) wine drunk with your cat. No shame.

My Tattoos and Nose Ring

These will likely take up a larger post in the future, but I am nothing but 100 percent proud of my tattoos. They’re as much a part of me as anything, and I’ve never regretted any of them. Same goes for my decision to wear a nose hoop instead of a stud in my pierced nostril. I’m a successful, smart, driven individual, and if you choose to judge me for a non-fear of needles, that’s your loss, not mine. And for the love of god, if I hear “but what about how they’ll look in your weddinggggg??!?” one more time, I’ll scream.

My Philosophy on Love

I won’t apologize for my unwavering belief in love, big love, real love. I won’t hold back from saying “I love you” to family or friends when the occasion calls for it, be it a haphazard “Love you!” to end a phone call, or an “I love you” in gratitude for their presence in my life. And when I fall in love, I careen, head over heels over feet over everything. I don’t see the point in having love be an assumption, or an afterthought, when it’s so easy just to tell someone those three words. The words don’t diminish in meaning because you’ve said them once, twice, ten times, a hundred. The words have as much power as you give them, whether you’ve said them once, twice, ten times, a thousand.


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